[Bug 62957] FILESAVE: Save Last Slide Position in Impress

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--- Comment #19 from Anurag Kanungo <anuragkanungo at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Kumāra from comment #18)
> (In reply to Thorsten Behrens from comment #17)
> > In fact, the functionality requested *is already there* - it is
> > currently triggered by alt-shift-F5 after loading a file that was
> > edited by LibreOffice.
> Really? Thanks. That would be good enough for me, but it doesn't work on my
> LO4.1.6.2. (Not upgrading till some regressions (major for me) are fixed.)
> I don't see the purpose of having LO open it at the first slide. If it's so
> that one can start the slide show there, F5 does that just fine regardless
> where the user is looking at, or where the highlight or cursor is.
> In any case, if there's a shortcut to get to where I left off, I'd be
> contented with it, but now it's not working for me.
> Can anyone else confirm that alt-shift-F5 does as said above?

alt-shift-F5 works fine and takes to the last edited slide.
Ubuntu 14.04 , LO Version:

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