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Tobias Madl at
Wed Mar 11 09:54:09 PDT 2015

Hello everyone,

As you may heard before, Jennifer (Liebel) and me changed the current
mainloop task handling. We didn't want to leave you in the dark and wanted
to tell you some differences to the previous behaviour.

First of all, there are two types of tasks now. We have idle tasks, which
don't have a waiting period and we have timer tasks which wait a specified
amount of time. If somebody creates a new task, he has to decide the type. If
it's a timer it should be given a timeout and a priority (priority list is
in core/include/vcl/scheduler.hxx) and if it's an idle it only needs a

There is also another little optimization, because we want to get rid of
the callback links, in these tasks or in more detail, get rid of the whole
callback thing. So it would be awesome not to pass a link anymore, but
sub-class the Timer and override the method “Invoke”.

There should be filed an hack about adapting the current task priorities.
Jenny and me tried to declare idle priorities without timer priorities. At
one point in the future developers have to watch over these tasks, timers
as well as idle and define new or better priorities. (list of almost all

That is all I can think of atm. One last request of mine would be, that if
someone discovers some weird behavior or some windows, that are not loading
or flicker, please contact me and I will look over it and try to fix it.
Because most of the time it's some dependencies among some tasks, which
should be resolved. (Contact: at )

Thank you in advance for all your efforts and have a nice day


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