LibreOffice 4 and Python on Yosemite

Piet van Oostrum piet at
Wed Mar 11 15:20:51 PDT 2015

Michael Stahl wrote:

 > iirc the configure will only try to use a python >= 3.3 from the system;
 > if your build is trying to use system python 2.7 you probably used
 > --enable-python=system, or maybe i remember it wrong and it works
 > differently on Mac (but why?).
 > > I also tried to include  --enable-python=internal but then it
 > > couldn't find it. So I wonder how the LO build gets its internal
 > > Python: does it compile it from source or does it make a copy of a
 > > Python on your system?
 > what does "it couldn't find it" mean?
I can't remember, just that it wouldn't build.

 > it should build the bundled python3 from source and link pyuno against
 > it; if you change the configure flags you need to "make pyuno.clean" to
 > rebuild pyuno against the bundled python3.

The "make pyuno.clean" helped. After that the build with --enable-python=internal succeeded.
I did not try a build with --enable-python=system nor the default (auto), but from reading the configure script I guess that passing PYTHON=python3.3 might solve that issue.

Anyway after the make pyuno.clean and a new make the system built without problems. And lo and behold my other problem - crashing at startup - has also been solved. I don't know if the python issue caused that, or that it was solved because I did an additional git pull.
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