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Mirko Nell mirko.nell at
Tue Mar 17 07:30:04 PDT 2015

Hey LibreOffice developers,
i am new to LibreOffice and i came here over GSOC. My name is Mirko and i
love android-developing. Sadly i couldn't find the LibreOffice Viewer
mentioned at GSOC. I really would like to improve the android app and
getting it out of the beta status.
The last years while studying i worked for several startup companies but
never for an open source project. Therefore many things here are new to me
but interesting, too.

My suggestions to improve the app ( and hopefully my work):

Better (working) context menu. The search-item lacks function. Opened files
need context-fitting menus. As an example:

- printing
- searching words in the file
- jump to page

Basic operations in the files, e.g. scrolling through pages(with 1
finger)  sometimes zoom hardly into the current page.
Actually there are hundred of things to do in the app.

I hope this email gets to the proper people!
Fell free to write an email to me or chatting with me in the irc (user
"MirkoN"), i like to prove you that i am capable to develop your app...

Best regards,
Mirko Nell
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