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My name is Enes Ateş. I am pursuing a master's degree on computer
engineering at Ege University, Turkey. I would like to contribute to
LibreOffice on Google Summer of Code 2015.

I have some contributions to free software projects. I helped to translate
Ubuntu into Turkish on launchpad. I was an intern on Pardus GNU/Linux
project in 2011. I tried to implement package update support to YALI (Yet
Another Linux Installer) while installing Pardus GNU/Linux [1].

I am interested in C, C++, Scala, and Python programming languages. I share
my projects, most of them are school projects, on Github.

I am currently working on EasyHack #64575 to better understand LibreOffice
code. I finished calculation of image size and I tried with many images
which have different sizes. I got good results for all of them but I could
not finish implementation yet. I have some problems with crop function. I
will continue to work on it.

I checked project ideas for GSoC 2015. I want to contribute to this idea:
"Reuse Mozilla's rolling update mechanism for LibreOffice". I like it and
it looks similar to my project on Pardus GNU/Linux internship [1] a little
:) I am still planning to achieve it. I am also available for different
project ideas if I am not suitable with this idea..

Thank you.

IRC: enes



Enes Ateş
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