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2015-03-17 19:51 GMT+02:00 Jessie Dowding <jdowding at>:

>    1.
>    Rework the Expert Configuration dialog:
>    1.
>       Are there any current ideas as to how the Expert Configuration
>       Dialog should be reworked?
So, currently the problem with the Expert Configuration is the way it is
implemented. Right know, It implemented as a direct copy of Mozilla
Firefox's about:config page. It is just a table with 4 columns, with about
130,000 entries. When the accessibility tools are open, it tries to create
a lot of labels for each entry I think and it makes it really slow.

Somewhere in the bugzilla I think Caolan mentioned it can be implemented as
a tree-view because the options are in a tree structure and it would fit
better then a simple table. Also it solves the dialog's usability issues
too. I hope that will solve the accessibility problems too.

Have fun,

Efe Gürkan YALAMAN
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