New Defects reported by Coverity Scan for LibreOffice

Caolán McNamara caolanm at
Thu Mar 19 10:09:54 PDT 2015

On Thu, 2015-03-19 at 08:58 -0700, scan-admin at wrote:
> Hi,
> Please find the latest report on new defect(s) introduced to LibreOffice found with Coverity Scan.

caolanm->Tamás: cid#1288897
after f7424ed710e54bb2437a28380b03ed7c26290edc
SdTabTemplateDlg::GetRefreshedSet->SdTabTemplateDlg::RefreshInputSet has
a leaky "pRet = new SfxItemSet" in it now, what's the right fix there ?

caolanm->Bjoern: cid#1288896
after b0dae8c4c57aa50bbff7b3fd4d84476636bf1677
SwModify::ModifyBroadcast now has...
 while(aIter.m_pPosition && !aIter.m_pPosition->IsA( nType ) )
 aIter.m_pCurrent = aIter.m_pPosition;
 aIter->Modify( pOldValue, pNewValue );
which suggests that m_pCurrent can be NULL because of the m_pPosition
check, and so the deref of aIter derefs the NULL m_pCurrent ?


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