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My name is Gülşah. I'm senior at Onsekiz Mart University. My department is
computer engineering. My ircnick is gulsahkose.

I am a GNU/Linux user for four years. I’m interested in C++, C  and Python
programming languages.  I develop my projects by using git. I have a github
account ( I am the developer of
pebble-remote project. This project provides manage your Libreoffice
Impress  presentations with Pebble smartwatch. Project’s address:;a=tree;f=pebble;hb=HEAD

and project’s web site following

I want to be a real LibreOffice developer. I can learn quickly. I'm
experienced in working remotely. I know how to use git well. My 88 patches
accepted into linux kernel while opw application process. You can find my
patches following link:

I’ve made speechs about my projects, place of women in computer sciences
and free software 10 times at different events . I mentioned LibreOffice a
lot on this  speechs.

I have sent a patch to bug#89756 and pushed master (

I'm looking for another bug can fix it now. I want to work on the job
-Implement EPUB export filter- .

Best regards
*Gülşah Köse*
* <>*
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