[Bug 67465] EPS rendering: locating pstoedit on Mac a problem

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Fri Mar 20 10:28:01 PDT 2015


--- Comment #16 from Michael Meeks <michael.meeks at collabora.com> ---
> Of course, if LibreOffice would use the normal print dialog on OS X
> it would have PDF and PostScript export there already...

I think you're confused =) this is not about the print / export format - but
about the problem of turning embedded postcript/EPS objects into something that
we can work with - so that we can then print them to any format.

And yes - we should in the end have a beautiful solution via. eg. xpost - but
bundling all of ghostscript (which ps2edit uses) - doesn't seem like a great
approach to me in the meantime =)

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