[Bug 67465] EPS rendering: locating pstoedit on Mac a problem

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Fri Mar 20 11:01:00 PDT 2015


--- Comment #18 from V Stuart Foote <vstuart.foote at utsa.edu> ---
So, since this is mostly an issue of defining PATH, as an alternative to
hardcoding a selection of common paths as Michael M. suggests for an "even
easier" hack.

Why not a little more ambitious hack and define a specific LibreOffice managed
variable for each of these external dependencies. One each for ghostscript,
pstoedit and convert?

Either make it a UserPaths configurable in the Preferences -> Paths panel on OS
X, or Tools -> Options -> Paths for the other OS? 

Assume it would be written into user profile as the other PATHS

Or, add them to InternalPaths and could then be adjustable with Expert

ieps.cxx could then be tweaked to use what is available, rather than current
fall through of pstoedit and then convert--both of which are ghostscript

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