Fwd: How do you enable the #ifdef DEBUG sections?

Justin Luth jluth at mail.com
Sat Mar 28 04:36:36 PDT 2015

There are sections of the code marked #ifdef DEBUG.  How can I properly
enable compiling those sections in?

For example, I want to enable DEBUG_ELEMENT in
writerfilter/source/ooxml/OOXMLFastContextHandler.cxx.  If I simply add
a "#define DEBUG_ELEMENT" I get errors about some of the code in the
define block (error: ‘debug_logger’ was not declared in this scope).

The document wiki.documentfoundation.org/Development/How_to_debug does
not mention #ifdef debugging blocks.  I'm already compiling with
--enable-dbgutil.  (Linux Mint 12.04, running "make" from a terminal)


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