How many degrees of headlessness do we need?

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Mon Mar 30 16:11:41 PDT 2015

> If you run LO on the Mac as a service with --headless and you open a doc
> from a script with "Hidden=True",

Oh. I guess this "Hidden=True" needs to be counted as one more degree (or
mode) of headlessness;) One that is specific to a document window. What
happens if you haven't started LO with --headless, what effect does
Hidden=True then have?

> no window will pop up. If the document is open long enough (for example if
> you put a sleep in the script) you can see from the doc that there is an
> invisible window. From the Dock you can open that window.

I guess with "open" you mean "un-minimize" here?

> It does have the document filename as title, but it doesn't contain the
> document. It is a kind of strange window.

Yeah, sounds odd indeed. The described can hardly be intentional, but must
be seen as a bug.

> Here is a script that extracts the text from a Writer document.

Thanks. I will experiment eventually.

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