GSoC 2015: Refactor God Objects

Delveri chick chickdelveri at
Tue Mar 31 03:59:12 PDT 2015

I am Chick Delveri a software Engineering student at University of Buea
Cameroon and I submitted my proposal to to work on Isolating and
refactoring  god objects in the codebase. I wish to make my first
contributions in the form of a patch so as to add more value to my proposal
and the Idea i have is adding a new feature I think  will be very useful. I
use Libreoffice often and when ever I start it I have many documents
suggested on the home screen as history  which is very annoying when the
list gets to many documents. I wish to add a button or a right click menu
to remove a document from history. I am still a newbie to the codebase and
I am going through the documentation and  I hope someone can help me with a
pointer on how to implement this or areas in the codebase i could exploit.
Best Regards.
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