Bug 54393 Footnotes and Endnotes are hidden together with anchor

wernerjvienna werner-j at gmx.at
Wed Nov 4 03:36:56 PST 2015

Dear developers,

three years ago I posted Bug 54393, which concerns the issue, that footnotes
and endnotes are automatically hidden, when one hides the corresponding
foot- or endnote anchor.
While it is possible to hide only the foot- or endnote (partly or complete)
alone, in LibreOffice Writer it is definitely not possible to hide only the
anchor. This is in contrast to the behavior of MS-Office and therefore an
incompatibility with all MS-Office Versions at least since Office 2003.

For this reason people, who need to observe the so called Vancouver citing
rules are not able to use LibreOffice (or OpenOffice, which has the same

In MS-Word you add several foot- or endnotes at the same position.
e.g. "This is a sentence within the main
text.[23],[24],[25],[26],[27],[28],[29]-[30] "
After that you mark ",[24],[25],[26],[27],[28],[29]" and format it as
Then the passage will look like "This is a sentence within the main
text.[23]-[30] "
In MS-Word the foot- or endnotes remain at their proper position.

In Libreoffice Writer the corresponding foot- and endnotes are completely
hidden together with the anchor. 
In MS-Office one has to hide the foot- and endnotes in an extra step, if one
really want this in rare cases.
But in Libreoffice there is no option to make the notes themselves visible
again, while the anchor is hidden.

As long as this bug is not fixed, natural scientist and other people, who
need to observe the widespread Vancouver citing rules, are definitely not
able to use LibreOffice.

Since some people obviously want "a comfortable way" to hide the notes, I
suggested  to add an option, whether foot- or endnotes should be hidden
together with the corresponding anchor, to the menu at:
"Tools-Options-LibreOffice Writer-Compatibility"
- I was very sad about those, who were just brushing aside my serious
arguments there.)

At https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=54393 you can
download a document showing the Problem in detail. It contains also examples
showing the inconsistency of the present behavior of LibreOffice Writer,
since other formatings (even "Blinking") are not automatically inherited
from the anchor to the corresponding notes. 

I have tried to identify possible source files, that might be involved in
the issue, but since I never learnt coding except a few lines basic in the
1980s, I am not able to fix the bug myself.

Please help! Thank you so much!!!


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