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Tue Nov 10 01:23:15 PST 2015

> I don't even think the Coverity issues are a good set of tasks for
> newcomers.
> I respectfully disagree, I agree Coverity issues should not be picked by
newcomers, but there are a number of them that could be assigned to
newcomers with a mentors help.

> We mostly have close to zero open issues there anyway.
383 outstanding this morning, is of course not a lot considering the code
size, but still enough to do something about it.

> One example is when we recently started to get Coverity/FindBugs issues in
> Java code.  Many of the FindBugs findings need to be taken with a grain of
> salt, and fixing them naively means being overly optimistic. (For example,
> a private field of a class not being used in that class does not
> necessarily mean it should be removed, as it could be used via reflection.)
That is actually exactly one of the reasons why I like to use such issues,
it learns a newcomer to not only lot at the problem in itself, but also
consider the sideeffects.

> Another example is when the implementation of osl_getSystemPathFromFileURL
> recently happened to start to throw std::length_error,  That means that it
> is probably often better to let such an exception lead to std::unexpected
> -> std::abort and a core dump and backtrace that a developer can act upon,
> than to catch and somehow handle it, and there by obscure the root cause of
> a problem.

 I see your point, but do not agree in the general case (there are a lot of
examples on this where I do agree), however this again is a good example
for a newcomer, and should lead to a status change in coverty (Intended).

In general I prefer people to not only submit a patch, but also understand
the consequences...and sometimes not submitting a patch, but indicating
this is an intented behaivour is also a solution. What I do not like is
that such issues are kept open and thus potentially multiple people waste
time coming to the same conclusion.

jan i.

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