System POPPLER_VERSION redefined, won't build

Michael Stahl mstahl at
Tue Nov 10 11:47:42 PST 2015

On 10.11.2015 18:35, ariel cornejo wrote:
>     Michael Stahl-2 wrote
>     it is definitely a bug somewhere if HAVE_POPPLER_VERSION_H isn't set
>     for a current version of poppler. e.g. on Fedora 22 i have
>     /usr/include/poppler/cpp/poppler-version.h and
>     HAVE_POPPLER_VERSION_H set. maybe look at config.log where it checks
>     for poppler-version.h what the error is.
> Turns out poppler-version.h was missing; in Ubuntu it comes in the
> libpoppler-cpp-dev package.

> So configure does check for the file but ignores the failed test.

well that check was apparently added because there are old versions of
poppler that didn't have this poppler-version.h header, see

> There's also GfxState.h, that comes in yet another package
> libpoppler-private-dev and is also needed, but configure doesn't test
> for it. Maybe they used to be in the same package so only one test was
> needed?

ugh... sounds like somebody who actually uses Ubuntu needs to submit a
patch to to detect all of the constantly multiplying
libpoppler-*-dev packages we need.

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