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Tue Nov 10 13:22:28 PST 2015

On November 10, 2015 12:30:27 PM PST, Norbert Thiebaud wrote:

>LibreOffice is not a set of applications, it is one integrated office suite.

It is  a core  upon which other applications can be built, be it through templates, macros, or extensions. 

Wandering through the wasteland of applications that built upon SO, OOo, EO, AOo, LibO, BrOo, NO, etc, one comes across very few that were maintained for more than their original alpha or beta release, and, other those coded specifically for EO, none that are/were commercially supported.

The day that one can conclusively state that LibO, or any other OOo derivative has arrived in the corporate world, is when there are sales of applications for it, that have an MSRP of US$100,000, or more. (Applications, with multiple demonstable/proven sales of US$100+ would imply that corporate awareness of the specefic deriviative is starting to become serious.)


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