HelpAuthoring-3.1.4.oxt released

Jan Holesovsky kendy at
Wed Nov 11 09:26:24 PST 2015


I've released a new version of the HelpAuthoring extension.  It is
available here:

Please upgrade to this version, it is recommended for real use - please
help us creating the help pages!  It needs LibreOffice 4.4 or later.

The following has been improved in the version 3.1.4:

    + tdf#94201: No 'localize' on the 'switch' element (Regina)
    + tdf#94201 Dont import blank visibility attribute of <variable> tag (Regina)
    + tdf#93981 Attribute localize=(false|true) is deleted (Regina)
    + correct path help/ to helpcontent2 and clarify (Eike)
    + make sure to select the full title line in wizard (Jay)
    + tdf#95509 Retain image size on save (Jay)

If you find bugs, please check the bugzilla if it is already reported,
and if not, report it, and set it as blocking the tracker bug:

Or of course try to fix it, it is not that hard :-)  How to hack it is
described here:

All the best,

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