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I'd like to share my experience since I didn't see this on Developer's wiki.
When I was trying to build LibreOffice in Windows, was not able
to finish its job, with message below:

checking cl.exe... found Visual C++ 2013  (E:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft
Visual Studio 12.0/VC/bin/cl.exe)
cygpath: cannot create short name of 12.0\VC\Include
realpath: '12.0/VC': No such file or directory
configure: WARNING: realpath failed for "12.0/VC", not necessarily a
checking the dependency generation prefix (cl.exe -showIncludes)...
configure: error: cannot determine the -showIncludes prefix
Error running configure at ./ line 269.

Apparently path for Visual Studio broke into parts out of expectation.
After investigation I found that cygpath -d doesn't convert it into 8.3
file name format as it's manual describe. It still generates long file

The solution is simple, the partition has to enable 8.3
format support *BEFORE* you install Visual Studio, with following command:

fsutil 8dot3name set e: 0

0.represents active. Change the drive letter e to whatever you use.

I use Windows8 to build LibreOffice ( A surface3 tablet ). I had built
successfully on Windows7 VM without tuning mentioned above. Both Visual
Studio and LO source code are installed in a VHD disk image on a microSDHC.
I  guess that one of them makes the difference.

Mark Hung
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