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Thomas Krumbein thomas.krumbein at
Mon Nov 16 01:52:37 PST 2015

Hey Andrea,

hmm, I will do an workshop tomorrow with a very equal questinary and
becouse I have used everytime BAB, I try to give you some more information:

Yes, BAB was and is a very usefull tool, unfortunatly Paolo do not
maintain it any more.
Because of an codechange in AOO for extensions, there is no way to
create the extension with this tool in both lines (AOO and LibO).
Jörg Schmidt did some work on the BAB and created two versions - one for
AOO and one for LibO with should work.

Additional we are planing at the moment, to rework the BAB, bt this
needs a little bit of money and we think about a crowdfounding network.

So, I will send you with seperat mail the version, I will use tomorrow
and I guess, this will work with LibO 5.x too (not really sure...).

Nevertheless LibreOffice need a tool like BAB - maybe with some
additional features - so I would appreciate your support for a new version.

Best regards

Am 16.11.2015 09:52, schrieb Andrea Castellani:
> Hello everyone,
> almost three years ago I received help from this mailing list to create 
> an extension for LibreOffice, which became "FirmaconDike" (thanks!):
> Today I have to re-examine this issue in a LibreOffice lesson, in witch 
> I would like to explain how to create an extension "from scratch".
> I thought to write a simple macro with students, such as "Hello world", 
> and explain step by step how to generate the oxt file.
> Seeking documentation, I saw a lot of confusion on the subject and the 
> argument (as you know) is only present on the site of AOO.
> I tried to use BAB Paolo Mantovani, both in the new version that in the 
> previous one, and it seemed a very good macro to create extensions.
> The Extension oxt who created BAB does not work, then I fear that BAB is 
> incompatible with LibreOffice (I have the Opening it, it gives 
> me an error:
> ( {{Message = "You \ X00e8 
> an error occurred while enabling: HelloWorld" Context = 
> ( @ 7f2fec3ef8b0}, Cause = ( any) 
> {( {{{Message = "" Context = 
> ( @ 0}}, ArgumentPosition = (short) 0}}}
> Here you can find the extension generated by BAB:
> I have not tried a "reverse engineering" of oxt file to understand what 
> it changes from another oxt  (such as "FirmaconDike"), looking for 
> suggestions from you, who are much more experienced than me.
> Does anyone have experience with BAB and LibreOffice?
> What is the official method (or recommended one) to create extensions 
> for LibreOffice?
> I apologize if you have already solved this problem in another thread
> Thank you,
> Andrea Castellani
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