suggested method to create LibreOffice Extensions

Andrew Pitonyak andrew at
Mon Nov 16 04:36:42 PST 2015

If you email me directly I can send you a copy of my macro formatter stuff with the document I use to generate the OXT file. Won't have access until Thursday or Friday.

On Nov 16, 2015 3:52 AM, Andrea Castellani <andrea at> wrote:
> Hello everyone, 
> almost three years ago I received help from this mailing list to create 
> an extension for LibreOffice, which became "FirmaconDike" (thanks!): 
> Today I have to re-examine this issue in a LibreOffice lesson, in witch 
> I would like to explain how to create an extension "from scratch". 
> I thought to write a simple macro with students, such as "Hello world", 
> and explain step by step how to generate the oxt file. 
> Seeking documentation, I saw a lot of confusion on the subject and the 
> argument (as you know) is only present on the site of AOO. 
> I tried to use BAB Paolo Mantovani, both in the new version that in the 
> previous one, and it seemed a very good macro to create extensions. 
> The Extension oxt who created BAB does not work, then I fear that BAB is 
> incompatible with LibreOffice (I have the Opening it, it gives 
> me an error: 
> ( {{Message = "You \ X00e8 
> an error occurred while enabling: HelloWorld" Context = 
> ( @ 7f2fec3ef8b0}, Cause = ( any) 
> {( {{{Message = "" Context = 
> ( @ 0}}, ArgumentPosition = (short) 0}}} 
> Here you can find the extension generated by BAB: 
> I have not tried a "reverse engineering" of oxt file to understand what 
> it changes from another oxt  (such as "FirmaconDike"), looking for 
> suggestions from you, who are much more experienced than me. 
> Does anyone have experience with BAB and LibreOffice? 
> What is the official method (or recommended one) to create extensions 
> for LibreOffice? 
> I apologize if you have already solved this problem in another thread 
> Thank you, 
> Andrea Castellani 
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