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Hi Jos,

On Thursday, 2015-11-19 08:39:17 +0000, Jos van den Oever wrote:

> The findings were written down in a report:
> The number of bugs found can be seen at the bottom of the page. The
> individual bugs for LibreOffice are prepended with 'Bug: LibreOffice'.
> The names in bugs relate to the tests at
> I hope you find the report useful in improving LibreOffice. At the next
> plugfest we will be running and evaluating the tests again.

I have some feedback. For example, in for the "odt-script"
test it is reported that
| Bug: LibreOffice loses the attribute fo:script.
However, the input style has

 <style:text-properties fo:language="ar" fo:script="arab"/>

where fo:script="arab" (btw, correct would be "Arab") is the default
script for fo:language="ar" and thus may be omitted. See also
which lists
| Subtag: ar
| Suppress-Script: Arab
so it is even expected to be suppressed.

For "odt-script-225" there is fo:script="225" (ISO 15924 number for Arab),
however, ODF 1.2 in 19.242.1 fo:script General
| The attribute should be used only if necessary according to the rules
| of ยง2.2.3 of [RFC5646], or its successors.

RFC 5646 says in 2.1 Syntax

| script        = 4ALPHA              ; ISO 15924 code

so numeric is not expected. In 2.2.3. Script Subtag it explicitly
| 2.  Script subtags consist of four letters and were defined
| according to the assignments found in [ISO15924]

I'd say that in ODF fo:script="225" is an invalid input..


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