[Bug 90904] FILESAVE: OOXML export is missing document statistics

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--- Comment #8 from alexey.chemichev <alexey.chemichev at gmail.com> ---
Trying to define the scope (see also tdf#89775)...

ECMA describes 28 Extended Properties:

+   01. Application (Application Name)
    02. AppVersion (Application Version)
+   03. Characters (Total Number of Characters)
+   04. CharactersWithSpaces (Number of Characters (With Spaces))
    05. Company (Name of Company)
    06. DigSig (Digital Signature)
    07. DocSecurity (Document Security)
    08. HeadingPairs (Heading Pairs)
    09. HiddenSlides (Number of Hidden Slides)
    10. HLinks (Hyperlink List)
    11. HyperlinkBase (Relative Hyperlink Base)
    12. HyperlinksChanged (Hyperlinks Changed)
    13. Lines (Number of Lines)
    14. LinksUpToDate (Links Up-to-Date)
    15. Manager (Name of Manager)
    16. MMClips (Total Number of Multimedia Clips)
    17. Notes (Number of Slides Containing Notes)
+   18. Pages (Total Number of Pages)
+   19. Paragraphs (Total Number of Paragraphs)
    20. PresentationFormat (Intended Format of Presentation)
    21. Properties (Application Specific File Properties)
    22. ScaleCrop (Thumbnail Display Mode)
    23. SharedDoc (Shared Document)
    24. Slides (Slides Metadata Element)
+   25. Template (Name of Document Template)
    26. TitlesOfParts (Part Titles)
+   27. TotalTime (Total Edit Time Metadata Element)
+   28. Words (Word Count)

Someone please help to mark the props that are really valid for LO and are
present (or can be calculated) in the codebase

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