Crash test update

Michael Stahl mstahl at
Mon Nov 23 05:31:11 PST 2015

On 23.11.2015 11:58, Noel Grandin wrote:
> On 2015-11-23 12:48 PM, Caolán McNamara wrote:
>> On Fri, 2015-11-20 at 19:04 +0000, Crashtest VM wrote:
>>> New crashtest update available at
>>> rashtest/054d3251d770a6104c524fa7483011877ed657b1/
>> Lots on new failures due to new assert of
>>   b1adb498bb0a5ff091c9d1d82332a4c43c57979b "svl: replace some legacy
>> SFX_ASSERT in SfxItemPool". I've fixed the most common one and
>> rerunning again to find the remainder. I bet Julien's
>>   1ef899470fe85915b7ea3d22b29161977689c129 tdf#95963: Add required Clone
>> functions for Impress fixes a bunch more.
> Perhaps we need a clang plugin to verify that all subclasses of SfxPoolItem have clone methods?

might be useful, although i would hope the crash test finds all of these.

what might be more interesting is a warning about subclasses that add
members but do not override virtual operator==() - that is easily
forgotten and hard to notice.

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