QA Meeting About How To Move Regressions Forward

Joel Madero at
Thu Nov 26 12:18:46 PST 2015

Hi All,

QA is going to have a meeting second week of December about regressions
and what we (QA) can realistically do to help move things forward. The
goal is to address all concerns/suggestions, talk about the realities of
the project, and discuss what has already been rejected by ESC (such as
a long-term "fix only" release).

If you're at all interested in taking part please monitor the QA list
(or ping me directly). I think having at least a couple experienced
developers who can patiently explain the realities of the project and
can/will not/and might be possible would be great. Finally, if there are
specific things that developers can think of that QA members can do to
help move regressions forward please share those ideas.

As a question to you all:
1) How important is bibisected/bisect when determining what to fix?
2) How important is accurate priority/severity + keyword tagging?
3) Is "highest" still monitored like MAB is?
4) In the past we tried a hardHack list that we ultimately retired.
Would it be possible to have a weekly 1-2 fully triaged (bisected
regressions with good steps and all) brought up during the ESC to see if
there are any takers?

Any other thoughts really appreciated :)


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