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Sat Nov 28 12:15:22 PST 2015


Since a while I am trying to build libreoffice with yocto [1][2]
cross-build system for my embedded devices.
When building with yocto there are two temporary sysroots: One native
for all the binaries run on build host during build and one for the
cross target to link against the libraries.
What causes me trouble for a while is native saxparser.
Native build means:

* configure with
    --enable-debug \
    --enable-dbgutil \
    --enable-python=system \
    --without-x \
    --with-system-curl \
    --with-system-boost \
    --without-boost-date-time \
    --without-boost-iostreams \
    --without-boost-system \
    --with-system-icu \
    --with-system-expat \
    --disable-postgresql-sdbc \
    --disable-lotuswordpro \
    --disable-firebird-sdbc \
    --disable-liblangtag \
    --disable-openssl \
    --disable-gltf \
    --disable-collada \
    --disable-scripting-beanshell \
    --disable-scripting-javascript \
    --disable-graphite \
    --disable-pdfimport \
    --disable-orcus \

* compile by something like (inspired by make target cross-toolset)
make -f Makefile.gbuild build-tools
* install all binaries an their libs manually into native sysroot

>From what I've seen so far there are many binaries used during cross
build seem to work as expected.

saxparser fails with (patch attached causing more detailed error message)
ERROR: component context fails to supply service
'' of type ''

Even after several debug sessions on saxparser I have no idea what is
missing for saxparser working as expected. Is it the XParser'.idl and
the other idl-files? If yes where would saxparser search for it.

I would really appreciate help on this as I have the feeling I am
close to full build..


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