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Andreas Müller schnitzeltony at
Mon Nov 30 02:50:04 PST 2015

On Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 11:02 AM, Michael Stahl <mstahl at> wrote:
Thank you for prompt and - I hope - helpful comments

> On 28.11.2015 21:15, Andreas Müller wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Since a while I am trying to build libreoffice with yocto [1][2]
>> cross-build system for my embedded devices.
>> When building with yocto there are two temporary sysroots: One native
>> for all the binaries run on build host during build and one for the
>> cross target to link against the libraries.
>> What causes me trouble for a while is native saxparser.
>> * compile by something like (inspired by make target cross-toolset)
>> make -f Makefile.gbuild build-tools
>> * install all binaries an their libs manually into native sysroot
> why do you want to install the build tools?  that's another manual step
> that nobody else is currently doing, so you'll going to have to maintain
> it yourself when things change.

Agreed but I think that's necessary: In yocto builds we have two
separate sysroots native & cross. For each of them we have separated
build steps. As far as I know (I haven't seen that or managed to do
so) there is no chance to build native binaries from cross build step.
To access native tools during cross build they must be installed in
native sysroot.
>> From what I've seen so far there are many binaries used during cross
>> build seem to work as expected.
>> saxparser fails with (patch attached causing more detailed error message)
>> ERROR: component context fails to supply service
>> '' of type ''
> it fails to create a UNO service, which according to "git grep
> | grep \\.component" is from
> sax/source/expatwrap/expwrap.component, which according to git grep
> "gb_Library_set_componentfile.*expwrap" is  sax/ aka
I think this and Stephan's hints (at least saxparser.rdb is not
accessible during my cross build - and I was not aware of
URE_MORE_SERVICES environment var - so my gdb sessions missed that)
are good hooks to continue.

Will give those a try tonight - implementing liberoffice in yocto is
just a hobby for fun..


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