lost calc feature in LO

Eike Rathke erack at redhat.com
Mon Nov 30 05:17:33 PST 2015

Hi Andreas,

On Friday, 2015-11-27 08:14:01 +0100, Andreas Baier wrote:

> having started work at LHMuenchen in the development departement with focus
> on LibreOffice under LiMux/kubuntu my current task is to reactivate a
> deactivated feature within calc which again is supposed to allow DDE link in
> addition to the newer and current external file link.

Could you please elaborate what exactly you think would be
the "deactivated feature"?

> Though the construction of DDE link still works, as long as I replace file
> link functionality.
> But otherwise the additional switch DDE link vs. file link rises to become a
> problem to me where to place the switch in the depth.
> I did not find a single or definite interface for all the selections to
> insert a value and the still existent decision is controlled not only by a
> define
> SotClipboardFormatId::LINK
> but at least a text string
> OUString aExtraBits("calc:extref")
> and some other hidden data.
> I would be glad to obtain a hint where to find some more locations of
> decision. Can anyone help me ?

Sorry, I'm lost, I don't know what you are up to.


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