Calc Macros - lagging behind?

Christian Heller christian.heller63 at
Sat Oct 3 05:44:07 PDT 2015

I'd love to use LibreOffice more, but I'm spoiled by Excel's VBA.

Are there any improvements coming soon?
Are there better links than the ones below!?

eg I love the strict types that get me all the member functions and
variables by just typing "." (auto-complete).

I dislike typing so much, like...
dim args1(0) as new
args1(0).Name = "Text"
args1(0).Value = "Your name"
dispatcher.executeDispatch(document, ".uno:InsertText", "", 0, args1())!GS4013-GettingStartedWithMacros.pdf

BTW: I have a convenient git interface for Excel VBA; let me know if you
are interested...

Thanks for your great work,
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