Report from llvms static analysis tool

Daniel danlrobertson89 at
Mon Oct 5 05:54:45 PDT 2015

> I happened to look at the same set of DeadStore issues the other day via
> clang-tidy (which is another driver that can use the same static
> analyzers as scan-build, among others), but many of the more mundane
> fixes are still only on my hard drive (I pushed a few of them earlier
> today; should continue to push more).

Nice! I have not used clang-tidy yet, but I've looked into it, and I
have to say, it looks pretty awesome. Which checks are you using?
Have you tried using and custom checkers?

> Whenever I tried to seriously look at scan-build in the past, it
> appeared to me to produce too many false positives to invest more time
> into it

There are definitely still quite a few false positives, but I'll
continue to comb through what we have and see what I find.

> Nice! Please take a look at the bottom "other error" section: it looks like you 
> are missing at least libxml, gio and libodfgen development packages.

Haha good eye, I thought I might get away with that :-) Call me old
school, but I use Gentoo, and I'm not aware of "development" packages. I
do have the headers for libxml etc, and my other build of LO with the
same configure options built with clang works fine and finds the libxml
headers. I didn't have the time to look into this over the weekend, so I
ran it with `scan-build -k` to ignore the errors. I'll try to poke
around this week and figure out why the headers are not being found.
There is also this error suggesting it could be some sort of problem
with the include search path? Any hints would be appreciated :-)

In file included from
fatal error: 'com/sun/star/frame/Desktop.hpp' file not found
#include <com/sun/star/frame/Desktop.hpp>
         1 error generated.


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