Can't track flow of characters in from Input Method Editor

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Since you mentioned that Writer exhibit the problem but Calc doesn't,you
might want to take a look at sw/source/core/doc/extinput.cxx.

If you're looking for IME code from vcl, I suggest that you
grep InputContext as a keyword.

2015-10-07 5:51 GMT+08:00 Richard Wordingham <
richard.wordingham at>:

> On Sunday I raised bug report 94753 about the apparent generation of
> lone surrogates in response to the use of Keyman for Linux under ibus
> as the input method editor. I have compiled Version with
> debug to facilitate my investigation; I think my compiler (gcc Version
> 4.6.3) is too old to compile Version 5.0, which is where I noticed the
> problem.
> I use emacs as an IDE for debugging, but Emacs Version 24 does not seem
> able to cope with Version  The debugger gdb run from the
> terminal appears to be able to cope.  I have been trying to narrow down
> the source of the error by inserting fprintf() calls.  However, I cannot
> find where characters enter the program from the IME.  I am running
> Ubuntu 12.04 with the default desktop.  The IME is KMfL running under
> ibus.
> I set up fprintf() and abort() calls to monitor the apparent sole call
> of XmbLookupString (there are no visible calls of XwcLookupString) and
> also within the call of SalKDEDisplay::checkdirectInputEvent().
> However, inputting text from the Supplementary Multilingual Plane using
> the IME to input characters generates neither output from the fprintf()
> calls nor a core dump from abort().  Have I overlooked another route by
> which characters are reaching the program?
> My current suspicion is that Qt is not handling KMfL's replacement of
> one supplementary character by another properly, but I cannot
> demonstrate that.  My test input text sequence is the three characters
> dYH, which when applied to an instrumented program using X generates
> the characters U+1148F, U+114C0, U+0008 (also as symbol), U+114BF.  I
> suspect that U+0008 is only cancelling the low surrogate of U+114C0,
> and that this is happening in Qt code. I have seen similar behaviour
> with Konsole, which I believe is a Qt application.  Claws mail,
> Gnome-terminal, Emacs Version 24, gedit, Abiword and even LibreOffice
> Calc all exhibit receipt of the correct sequence of characters, namely
> <U+1148F, U+114BF>.  (Some of these do not display it properly, but
> that is another issue.)
> Richard.
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