Compiling Tiled LibreOffice Xcode Project

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Fri Oct 9 20:58:13 PDT 2015

>I am able to open couple of .odt documents, but opening of .odp and .ods

Yep, that is more or less what I see too, and if you seriously plan to work
on this, you need to figure out what causes that. (Are you doing this just
out of personal interest, or is there some organisation backing you?
Perhaps even commercial interest, which would be a good thing?)

Also, note that many of the warnings that are displayed in Xcode show up
also when running (a developer build of) LibreOffice on a desktop OS. They
are often misleading and not really worth being displayed as warnings. I
think. But our codebase is so vast that people seldom bother removing
pointless warning messages. Also, there is the "yes, yes, I know, this is a
sign of something that we really should fix so let's not remove that
warning" phenomenon.

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