Version of gcc for LibreOffice

dk122 at dk122 at
Sat Oct 10 10:37:39 PDT 2015

IIUC, the discussion was about compiling LibreOffice master when ...

Quoting "Markus Mohrhard" <markus.mohrhard at>:
> You need at least gcc 4.7, we are even moving to gcc 4.8 but I'm not sure
> if we already require any feature that is only in 4.8.

It happens that as a user of debian-wheezy, which supplies gcc 4.7.2,
I can sadly report that several .cxx files within LibreOffice provoke
the compiler to complain ...

     internal compiler error: Segmentation fault.  Please submit a full
     bug report ...

At least some of the failing source lines had a OUStringLiteral
parameterized by a static const sal_Unicode.

My solution was to build gcc 5.2.0 from source and to this and its
libraries to build LibreOffice.  To run the program in wheezy, I need
to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to find the 5.2.0 libraries.

Additionally, include/canvas/propertysethelper.hxx:52 provoked
gcc 4.7.2 to say ...

     error: '<::' cannot begin a template-argument list


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