zip/unzip jar archive or add/remove file using a Basic macro?

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Wed Oct 14 10:30:24 PDT 2015

Hi all,

with all your hints I make some steps forward. I have put the resulting 
macro as attachment to

The macro shows the .xhp file which is currently edited as preview in 
Writer/Web or help window.
I have made the preview by putting the document in a container temp.jar 
in the installed help folder en-US. Then a call with 
"" will apply the transformation to HTML and 
show the result in Writer/Web.

But a major problem is, that this view cannot be updated until 
LibreOffice is totally closed. The file temp.jar is someway locked after 
the first use. Only after closing LibreOffice totally and restarting, 
the file can be used again.

If anyone has an idea what locks the file and how I can unlock it while 
LibreOffice is running, or at least how to make the help aware, that the 
file in the container was updated, then please tell me.

Unfortunately the macro is not ready for productive use in its current 
state. But nevertheless, please have a look.

Kind regards

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