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--- Comment #44 from Lionel Elie Mamane <lionel at mamane.lu> ---
(In reply to kerem from comment #43)
> In comment 24, reportbuilder creates an odt file, not through Writer. I
> can't this. How to create odt file?

An ODT file is basically a ZIP structure with XML in it.

In reportbuilder, the Java top-level class that does the process seems to be in
(in combination with the external jfreereport), but that is not where you will
need to intervene, but in the code that creates a table row.

The code responsible for a cell is basically

My original idea was to find the code responsible for a row and inject the
attribute for "fit to size" row height there. However, now that I take a fresh
look at it, I realise that the <table:table-row> tags are probably copied
unchanged from the report definition. So it might be easier to change the way
the report definition is saved rather than the way it is processed.

The saving of the report definition happens in C++, in
I think it is particularly in reportdesign/source/filter/xml/xmlExport.cxx
function void ORptExport::exportContainer(const Reference< XSection>&
looks relevant; need to set the right attribute or style for "automatic height"

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