[LIbreOffice][SDK] Help needed for a wrapper library written over LibreOffice SDK

Anurag Ghosh ghoshanurag1995 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 03:27:37 PDT 2015

Hello Eike,

> You can use XText::setString() to set an empty string, which effectively
> clears any content, but just only the content. The XText interface is
> exported by the Cell service.

Thank you! This works well.

The class reference did not list this as member hence I never saw this.
(The generalization (forgive me, if I'm wrong with the terminology)
had the method, which I had missed)  :(

> Otherwise, clearContents() IS the canonical method to clear cell content
> and formatting, actually at the sheet::XSheetOperation interface which
> is exported by the sheet::SheetCellRange and sheet::SheetCellRanges
> sevices. You probably obtained the XCell from one of those already, so
> you could obtain that one cell as sub-range using
> getCellRangeByPosition() if the existing range encompasses more than the
> cell(s) to be cleared.

Is there any benefit in using this ? I do use them but I discard them
when I get the Cell Instance.

>> 2. [... clang ...]
> Clang may have issues with the SDK, but I don't know details.

Thank You for your help. I appreciate that you took your time out for
helping me out.

Anurag Ghosh

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