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Nathan Wells sungkhum at
Wed Sep 2 18:29:31 PDT 2015


I've tried over the past couple of days to get LibreOffice to build in a
Windows 10 environment without avail. I then tried an older Windows 8
machine and also couldn't get it to build.

I was wondering if someone with a working build of LibreOffice would be
willing to test a patch for me (and upload the resulting install files so I
can download and test as well?)? I know this is a huge favor, but because
of my lack of experience I just can't seem to get LibreOffice to build.

I incorrectly filed a pull request on GitHub, but that could be used to see
what code I would like to modify:

The reason for the code change is to disable the ICU breakiterator for
Khmer in LibreOffice so that we can use a spelling checker and ensure
accuracy. When I originally asked for the breakiterator to be enabled I
didn't realize how much it would effect spelling checker accuracy as well
as cause major problems for minority languages that use the Khmer script
(because the ICU breakiterator is dictionary based, and so it does violence
to non-Khmer words that use the Khmer script).

I appreciate your consideration, I realize this is a bit of a large
request, but would be grateful if someone would be willing to help.

Nathan Wells
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