Building LibreOffice on Mac OSX

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Hi Shubham,

On Wednesday, 2015-09-02 05:20:22 +0530, Shubham Khara wrote:

> In minimal setup, How am I supposed to create a file mentioned in the 4th
> point.

Assuming you're referring ~/.bashrc then (in the terminal) invoke your
favorite editor and load the file .bashrc from your $HOME directory if
it already exists and add the line mentioned and save, or if the file
does not exist then write the line and save to .bashrc in your home
directory. You could also issue this command in the terminal shell:

echo 'export PATH=/opt/lo/bin:/sbin:$PATH' >>~/.bashrc

Make sure you enter every character literally, including the single
quotation marks, best copy&paste ...


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