Minutes of the Design Hangout: 2015-09-02

Jan Holesovsky kendy at collabora.com
Fri Sep 4 04:21:27 PDT 2015

* Present: Jay, Kendy, Heiko

* UI changes integrated the last few weeks:

    + completely reworked the remote file access UI (Szymon / GSoC)
    + delete unnecessary options from Tools -> Options... (Mihály)
    + many improvements in dialogs (Maxim)
    + toolbars improvements (Jay)
    + Alt-X to toggle unicode notation (Justin)
    + Breeze icons improvements (Andreas)
    + sidebar fixes (Tomaž)
    + icon fixes (Jay)
    + themes panel (Tomaž)
    + new controls to the Wrap sidebar tab (Rishabh)
    + [and other bits I probably missed when going through the logs :-)]
* Update the meeting time (Kendy)
    + current time inconvenient a bit, what would be the best time? (Kendy)
    + let's do a doodle (Heiko)
* LibreOffice Conference
    + September 23-25, 2015, Aarhus, Denmark
    + http://conference.libreoffice.org/2015/call-for-papers/
    + don't forget to register!
* GSoC
    + went well, Rishab did great (Jay)
    + Jay learns basics of using Glade
        + so he does not have to wait on other people doing changes in .ui files
* Help updating (Kendy)
    + was unable to have a look yet (Jay)
        + will have a look this week
    + new version of HelpAuthoring*.oxt published (Kendy)
        + http://dev-www.libreoffice.org/helpauthoring/
        + https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Documentation/Help has the general info (Kendy)

    + wikihelp? (Jay)
        + still mid- to long-term thing :-( (Kendy)
        + help.libreoffice.org is generated from the .xhp's, edits done via changing .xhp's will
          be converted to wikihelp when we switch one day (Kendy)
            + translations are from Pootle (Kendy)
* Icon Updates / Issues (Jay)
    + still something wrong with inheritance (Jay)
        + https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=90790
        + went through the reproducer with Jay, it's an additional bug (Kendy)
            + will create a report (Jay)
    + Heiko will meet Andreas the next week at the KDE sprint (Heiko)
        + if there is anything do discuss, let Heiko know
        + Uri will there too
        + is Andreas going to the LibreOffice conference too?  Would be great to meet finally :-) (Kendy)
    + Sifr & breeze for dark themes
        + would be good to have versinos that use lighter colors (Jay)
        + ideally done in S/W (Kendy)
        + please create a bug for that Jay (Kendy)
            + I'll add the code pointers then (Kendy)
    + Tango (Alex/Adolfo/Jay)
        + Latest status of updates available here (Jay)
    + Sifr (Papamatti/Jay)
        + Latest status of updates available here (Jay)
    + Breeze (Andreas/Jay)
        + Latest status of updates available here (Jay)
    + Extra-Large (32x32) Icons for large resolutions
        + Status - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mPqD2gGsMkfVCI6ByUd2XYX1NJm26hcGjRVe6gcCSEU/edit?usp=sharing
* Templates Competition (Jay)
    + Wiki page setup
    + many new templates
    + unfortunately missed the 5.0 :-( (Jay)
        + but would be still good to add to master - so that we don't miss 5.1 (Kendy)
    + promise of some more additions this week (Jay)
    + Jay, please feel encouraged to push good stuff to master (Kendy)
        + we will have enough time to tweak or remove before 5.1 (Kendy)
        + a survey might be better though? (Heiko)
            + what should we ask exactly? (Jay)
            + would be good to have a way to involve the people in the improving, not only yes/no (Kendy)
        + where in the sources? (Jay)
            + extras/source/templates/*
            + sfx2/source/doc/doctempl.src shows the names of the categories

* 5.0 Artwork (Jay)
    + https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Visual_Elements should be updated with the new 5.0 stuff
    + will put the 5.0 stuff together (Kendy)
* UI Guidelines (Heiko)
    + https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hSYOFoG6jnj2G0zWDbUYkrGZoj7YCSI9j3onkTZ65bU/edit
    + replace "UX principles" https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Design/Principles by "HIG"
      on http://www.libreoffice.org/community/design"?
        + UX principles good & relevant, but not specific enough (Heiko)
        + suggest to change this link to the HIG instead:
        + conclusion: Will mail website at global.libreoffice.org (Heiko) /done
    + context menus
        + added to the wiki
    + sidebar + dialogs
        + will go to the wiki, BUT the undecided parts will be marked as work in progress
    + sidebar
        + good topic for the conference (Heiko) /done
        + works on now sidebar for chart with Moggi (Heiko) 
            + changes the pattern a bit /part of the presentation
            + would be good to unify - needs more people for feedback

* Next Friday's design session (Heiko/Jay)
    + Friday session this week (Sep/04)
        + 1:00pm CEST / 11:00am UTC
        + Print dialog - Bubli's proposals / asks: "Improving printing UX" thread tdf#91362, tdf#61186
        + Topic: Printing dialog (if Bubli is able to join)
    + next topics:
        + CMIS new dialogs - check the status / original design, see how it works
    + List of possible future topics
        + https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XiJauFHrSmM5LsaV0AlglhfUh8D1IxAg8qistP0KAQA/edit?usp=sharing
        + Steve wants the sidebar "configuration menu" icon gone: "it's useless confusing, thus user unfriendly,
          creates frustration and clutters the UI."
        + Documents theme

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