HelpAuthoring-3.1.2.oxt released

Jan Holesovsky kendy at
Thu Sep 17 09:48:28 PDT 2015


I've released a new version of the HelpAuthoring extension.  It is
available here:

Please upgrade to this version, it is recommended for real use - please
help us creating the help pages!  It needs LibreOffice 4.4 or later.

Jay is the hero of this release, he has fixed a tremendous amount of
bugs, and implemented many features - thank you!  Follows a shortened

* Usability improvements

    + Much improved menu, and added entries for many features (Jay)
    + Toolbar for easy access of the most needed features (Jay)
    + Wizard for creating a new page (Jay)
    + Suppress unnecessary dialogs (Jay)
    + Command to compare changes in git (Jay)

    + Insert product name and version variables (Jay)
    + Insert switch and switchinline tags (Jay)

    + Ability to reload the help (Jay)
    + Open embedded or linked help (Jay)
    + Use the last used dir when opening file (Jay)

* Bugfixes and file format improvements

    + Make the diffs between original & edited version smaller by
      reordering some attributes (Jay)
    + Don't clear help topic id and indexer, don't set indexer when
      creating a new page (Jay)
    + Various fixes to functions so that they preform better (Jay)

    + Improve the template (Jay)

If you find bugs, please check the bugzilla if it is already reported,
and if not, report it, and set it as blocking the tracker bug:

Or of course try to fix it, it is not that hard.  How to hack it is
described here:

All the best,

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