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Michaël Lefèvre lefevre00 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 26 09:14:55 PDT 2015

Hye Maarten,

during the last days, I have take some time to look at some improvements to
bring to LibreOffice code base on CppCheck report that you've setted up.

I don't know the configuration you did, and have just questions/remarks.

Here are some point I've noted :

1. there is a 'missingConfig' error, recommanding us to run the check with

2. we could minimized the results by removing check on qa sub-directories,
which are supposed to be the place for unit tests.

3. if you use a suppression-list to silence some reports, may be this one
could be in the git repository so we can use it localy.

By the way, thank you for bringing this idea to reality.
Actually, my point is if we could bring this warning close to 0, the
actually crash-test and coverity status !


2015-01-12 7:16 GMT+01:00 Sand <sand.fj.wen at qq.com>:

> Hi Maarten Hoes,
>          thanks for you replying. Unfortunately, I have read the articles
> of the link. And more, I have followed this link:
> https://wiki.openoffice.org/wiki/Writer , these articles have guided me
> some how. But I still don't understand some designs in the code,  could you
> give me some tips, i.e. why the message loop in module VCL is designed with
> several level of "while loop" and some invocations are send to the message
> queue with Link class?
> Any help will be great!
> Sand Wen
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