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This is a question outside my knowledge, so I am forwarding your question to our mailing list, where hopefully someone can help you betters.

I suspect these tools are not ported to python so you would need first to port the tools.

jan i.

> On 25 Mar 2016, at 00:14, Kader Tarlan <kadertarlan1 at> wrote:
> Jan Hı,
> I need some help.  
> "import util.AccessibilityTools" I saw this in the Java tests. How Can I import it to Python?
> I will use it for similar steps :
>             xWindow = AccessibilityTools.getCurrentWindow(aModel)
>             xRoot = AccessibilityTools.getAccessibleObject(xWindow)
>             ctx = AccessibilityTools.getAccessibleObjectForRole(xRoot, AccessibleRole.DOCUMENT_TEXT);
> How can we use it in Python? I will share to you related Java files in the attachment. I'm asking for the steps in these tests.
> Best,
> Kader.
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