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On 5/04/2016 7:54 PM, Christian Lohmaier wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 29, 2016 at 2:54 AM, Andrew McGlashan
> <andrew.mcglashan at> wrote:
>> I was wondering if or when LibreOffice would be available for full use
>> on either or both of Android / iOS.
>> I know there is a viewer version for Android
> that also allows for some editing. Defining a useful UI/picking the
> editing parts in a way that makes sense for a mobile version (i.e. one
> you can use with touch on limited screen estate) is the really
> challenging part (besides performance...)

Yes, I understand.  But we have lots of "mobile" devices these days,
tablets and the like; some running Android, others running iOS and the
odd ones running something else....

There are plenty of tablets that have bluetooth keyboards (mobile phones
or phablets can have them too).  Sometimes they also have mice, so it
isn't just touch UI.

The problem space is this, client uses MS Office on their desktops, they
have iPhones and iPads (predominantly), they can use M$ versions of
Office on those devices, but they cannot use LibreOffice versions on any
device in any kind of meaningful way.

Soon we'll have people running Android on devices like the Pixel C from

Now, if we had full LO to compete with Google Docs (and other tools),
then that might be enough.  Do we sort of have that with ownCloud?  Have
we got it without ownCloud as well?

> So you will never get "full use" with mobile versions - this just
> doesn't make sense UI wise. (Getting the stuff in for final touches
> (fixing typos, other small mistakes) or rough outlining is what the
> mobile apps should aim for from my POV).

Yes, I hate auto-corrections in swype like keyboards on mobiles, but
they can work well too.

> As this is the developer list: you're more than welcome to jump in and
> e.g. design android activities with useful editing features presented
> in a useful way. You don't even need to hook them up to perform the
> actual editing if you're UI designer.

I understand, but users aren't are not developers and if there was a
"users" list (which I don't know there is), then the same questions
there might not get any kind of suitable response to this problem space.

I would dearly love to be able to exit every single M$ product if that
was possible and I would be happy to encourage everybody that I could
that there are very good and valid alternatives that will work for them
no matter what device they chose to use.  And, as I said, perhaps we
will have that via browser apps; but I'm not so sure where that is at
today either.

Kind Regards

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