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Hi Asad,

On Wed, Apr 6, 2016 at 8:44 AM, Muhammad Asad <asad.aries90 at>

> Hi Guys
> I have successfully setup LibreOffice online, Kudos to you guys. I just
> have a simple question, can i give a url to a document in file_path query
> string param ? When i am giving it a url to a document with http or https
> it says socket closed.
> file_path=file:///home/administrator/test.docx this works fine.
> file_path= this doesn;t work.
> So just wanted to ask is this something which is currently supported or
> not?

It used to work (providing that the URL did not require authentication). I
did not test it lately, because the whole 'file_path' concept is a bit
controversial. You can load any file to LibreOffice and serve it to
browser, that the local 'lool' user can read. I don't think it is desirable
in production environment. If you want WebDAV, it is not there yet.
Currently the most mature and most tested feature is WOPI, i.e. loolwsd
acts as a WOPI client, and can read/write files from WOPI hosts. You can
see this in action, if you request a demo at
Hopefully I can update the CODE VM with WOPI enabled packages, too.

Best regards,
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