Building LODE on Mac fails with "Too many open files"

Ralf S. ralf.sippl at
Thu Apr 21 08:11:28 UTC 2016

Hi there,

I'm trying to set up LODE on the latest Mac OS X with newest Xcode, following
the instructions here ("Quick Pre-canned Setup"):

After running "make", the build process fails after a couple of hours with the
following error:

[build DEP] SRS:avmedia/res
[build DEP] SRS:acc/res
commons/ Too many open files
[...]/lode/dev/core/external//apache-commons/ ***
No target registered while reading [...]/lode/dev/core/external/apache-
commons/!.  Stop.
make: *** [build] Error 2

I already increased the ulimit settings to no avail:

$ launchctl limit maxfiles
	maxfiles    524288         524288         

During the build process, lsof reports an enormous amount of PIPE entries,
here's what I'm getting about an hour after running "make":

$ lsof | grep make | grep PIPE | wc -l

and it keeps growing.

Any idea how this can be fixed? Thanks


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