GSoC and contributing to LibreOffice.

jan iversen jani at
Sat Apr 23 10:29:52 UTC 2016


This year we have again had more students, than the slots Google gave us, so many students have not been accepted.

I congratulate the accepted students and their mentors.

To all students not accepted, it is my hope, that you will continue to work with libreoffice. We have over the last months gotten to know each other, and it would be a shame not to continue that.

Please remember that having worked on an opensource project is a positive item on your CV, and for some companies nearly a demand. Our project is being monitiored publicly see 
so every patch you get merged will show up there.

Students who submit patches regulary and participate in our community, can write about that in their CV and use me (after agreement) as a reference.

Looking forward to continue working with you.

jan I.
Development Mentoring Lead.

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