GSoC and accessibility for blind people

Alex ARNAUD alexarnaud at
Thu Apr 28 09:36:54 UTC 2016

Dear LibreOffice community, since the release of version 4.3 they are 
new bugs introduced in each version that break accessibility for blind 
and low vision people.

At this time, there are about 40 bugs 
<> opened for 
only accessibility with some of them opened in 2011. They are some other 
feature and bug not currently reported because lack of time and huge 
amount of bug accumulated over the years.
For example this bug about LibreOffice calc 
<> blocks usage 
of it for blind user on Linux environment.

Could we imagine to have some people that works on accessibility of 
LibreOffice at GSoC ? At Hypra <> and 
we've some people aware of the subject (VStuart, Sophie, ...) we could 
help to test, for feedbacks and use cases about accessibility.

Best regards.


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