An annoying problem

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Fri Aug 5 02:15:33 UTC 2016

Hi all,
Currently i'm meeting such an problem that is as follows:
When i run the swriter.exe from the directory "instdir", and then insert a chart, the program is ok.
But when i install the msi program from the directory "workdir/installation", and then insert a chart, LO crashes.
I am puzzled. I analyze it must be the problem of msi. So i suspect the above two ways use different dlls from the
operation system(i am using Windows 7 64-bit). 
I think maybe there is something wrong while the process of making msi. But i can not find it now.
So please give me some more information and help me to solve the problem. Thanks in advance.

ps. i'm using the source of LO, MS visual studio 2013, cygwin 64-bit

Best regards,
Weike Liang

weike.liang at
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