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Hi Agnieszka, 

> > Thank you very much for welcome. I hope I will find my way to be useful in
> > LibreOffice ;) However I need a bit of help now. Can you point me to Easy
> > Hacks for  Java Beginners? Wiki page has some issues here or that list is
> > empty?
> >
> > ll/Skill_Java

If you wouldn't mind hacking on Libreoffice indirectly, I'd have couple of Java 
entry-level tasks in noa-libre ( ), 
including (but not limited to) updating code examples, extending its Calc 
interface, or fixing some small bugs.

noa stands for "Nice Office Access" and it is a Java library built around 
Libreoffice UNO API, one of its most famous users is e.g. gnuaccounting (a free 
accounting software). It is currently maintained by couple of Libreoffice core 
developers. I'm one of them and I'll happily help w/ the initial setup and 
mentor a potential Java easy hacker. 

Sounds interesting? Let me know ...

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