[GSoC] Review of Sidebar & It's functionality - Weekly Report #11

Susobhan Ghosh susobhang70 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 18:01:20 UTC 2016


Another week of GSoC is now over, and this is what I've done over the past

1. Adjustments made to Writer Page Deck panels -

2. Blog Entry describing the slide content panel for Impress and page
content panel for Draw -

3. Added "Edit Master Slide" and "Close Master Slide" Button and a few
context changes to Slide/Page Content Panel -

I haven't made any progress on More Shapes Panel last week as my university
had reopened, and I was busy with registration and formalities.

1. Blog Posts describing other content panels and enhancements made during
2. Make the Media Playback Panel patch merge ready (few code duplication
3. Add folder for shapes for More Shapes Panel in extras similar to Gallery.

Susobhan Ghosh
IRC: susobhang70
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